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In this competitive world today, where the best opportunities given are based on your performance

In this competitive world today, where the best opportunities given are based on your performance it is necessary to learn from the best to reach to the top of the mountain. In the years to come, the premier education that we receive from our Educators lays the foundation to a solid and stable professional career and also opens our horizons to new learning.

At Starsboard, we have the best talent on board who will bring that wealth of knowledge to you. They will guide you and advise you on how to crack competitive and challenging tests and programs that are a very integral part of the educational field. These resources are not available to Learners in every location and they may not get the benefits of this education, due to financial reasons or their geographic location which may involve a student having to change city or state to access this learning. However, Starsboard is the solution to their problems because we have a highly knowledgeable and educated Educators and with the help of new methods of learning and innovative technology we will create a path where you will thrive on success, and all you need to do is enroll in our learning platform to achieve your best potential."

StarsBoard has been started by Mr. Ajay Vijay Veer and Santosh Veer in 2021.StarsBoard has been the brainchild of Mr. Ajay Veer who had done extensive research on the subject of online learning for Six years. StarsBoard is an online platform where Educators and Learners can interact with each other. They can locate each other on this platform for education and other Learning preferences.Learners and Educators are considered ideal and unique, and hence we refer to the Educators and Learners as Stars. Learners will be able to find Educators from all over the globe whom they can interact, but we place an emphasis on India. StarsBoard wants to empower women and everyone in the teaching profession with skills to have better opportunities and more privileges in their career for a better sustenance in their life."

Our Team

  • Mr. Ajay Vijay Veer

    An industry expert with over 10 years of experience MBA graduate (Masters in Business Management) with over 10 years of Experience in different verticals which include IT, Telecom, NBFC, Media, Energy, Travel and Online Learning.400 Plus certifications in Business Management, IT and Arts.

    He has been awarded a Green Belt and Black Belt of the Six Sigma Certification for Business Development.Photography is a hobby that Ajay dabbles in and wants to make it a mainstream career.

  • Mr. Santosh Veer
    (Co- Founder )

    Mr. Santosh Veer has begun his career as an investor for many small Enterprises and StarsBoard will be another feather in his Hat He has a fascination for Cars and takes an active interest in learning about cars and has started his own enterprise – Veer Travels.

    Mr. Santosh Veer has started everything on his own and has acheived success at a young age and is a self-made man.which was the fruit of his passion for automobiles.

  • Ms. Babita Veer
    ( NED)

    Ms. Babita Veer has been with us from the beginning and is a Director who is handling all of our business enterprises.

    She has been involved in monitoring various activities of our organization and also the co-ordination of all our businesses and now will also take on the responsibilities of Starsboard. We also seek her blessings as we begin this amazing journey of online education.

  • Kashish Chaurasia
    (Software Developer)

    Kashish Chaurasia has joined StarsBoard in the Information Technology Team and plays a key part in developing this website with logistics.

    She has graduated from NIIT University with BTech, CSE and has been in the field of Computer Programming for more than three years. With the experience she has, Kashish Chaurasia will be a star in the galaxy of StarsBoard .


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